Before creating content, verify your screen resolution

February 4, 2014 | Author: nstein | Posted in: Events, Tips and Tricks

So you have been asked to create a PowerPoint presentation?
Your first instinct is open up the program and start working and the next thing you know you have a 50 slide masterpiece with titles, photos and transitions out to wazoo.

And then it comes time to make the presentation and the format of the presentation screen is different than your presentation format.

How does one avoid this? Ask the event planner or venue about what type of screen they will be using before you start working.

The first thing you should do before you create is check the page set-up in PowerPoint.
A venue with a widescreen will typically use a 16:9 on screen show page set-up.
(16:9 widescreen is the default in the newest version of Office, but most of us are still working with older versions)

ppt page setup

What do you do if you have already created a presentation in a 4:3 ratio? The first step is to save a different copy of the presentation to preserve the original version.

On the new version you can change the page setup as needed. Beware, you will need to revisit each and every slide to make sure that your text still lines up. And most importantly, you will need to resize all of the photos in your presentation as PowerPoint overcompensates for the change by stretching out all of the pictures.


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